ECO Club -2015

                               “WATER CONSERVATION”

 Young and enthusiastic   members of Eco club took part in the activity ” Water  Conservation”.

The students of std. VI, VII & VIII presented their opinions on water conservations. Some of the students came out with innovative ideas and ways to conserve water.

Water is the basis of life for all living organisms on the earth.

‘No water , no life’, without water no one can survive on the earth.

Following points were discussed for water   conservation.:-

  • We should always close the tap when not in use or rather than dropping  continuously .
  • We should not pollute the river so it can be saved for many purposes .
  • Water should be very safely used in summers.
  • Agriculture is totally dependent on water, we should save water from rains through rain water harvesting.
  • We should built dam to save water for poor farmers.
  • Government should take adequate steps and make arrangements to save water..
  • Children should be trained in school how water should be saved.

               “Water Water every  where but not a drop to drink”.

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man”