International Yoga Day-2018

Twenty four NCC cadets of Modern School alongwith S/O. Mahendra M. Shah, Associate NCC Officer, Modern School, Nagpur participated in the 4th International Yoga Day organised by Nagpur Municipal Corporation and held at Yashwant Stadium on Wednesday, 21st June, 2018. The cadets performed various yogasanas with full enthusiasm.

The events started with Utthit Vivekasan followed by Guru Stavan. After that Shashir Sanchalan, Tadasan and Utkatasan were also performed. This was followed by Katichakrasan, Veerasan, Anand Mandirasan, Janushirasan, Ushtrasan, Kativakrasan, Yoganamanasan were practiced. This was followed by Surya Namaskar. Pranayam and meditation were also practiced under the supervision of the yoga volunteers.

Cadets also enjoyed the beautiful demonstrations of Yogasana by people between age group 3 to 91 years.

Gp Capt Yogesh Pai, Commanding Officer, 2 (MAH) Air Sqn NCC Unit, Nagpur shared the dais with Mr. Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Nagpur District Guardian Minister and other dignitaries and performed yoga. He also motivated the cadets on this occasion.

Mrs. Neeru Kapai, Director and Mrs. Anuradha Sardeshpande, Principal, Modern School encouraged the cadets.