Workshop by Ted Ed Club Halt Cyber Violence

Ted Ed Club Halt cyber violence recently organised a workshop on cyber crime in Modern school. Deepti Sutaria along with Vishal Mane of cyber crime cell were the key note speakers. ‘13 reasons why’ was discussed by Deepti Sutaria showing that friendship these days is complicated and one wrong friend can lead you to problems. Equally it’s where one picture speaks thousand words. Hannah Baker the key character in ‘13 reasons why’ faces Cyber-bullying at school and cyber-stalking too. This makes her suicide in the end. Children were told about safety measures to be taken in cyber space by ASI Vishal Mane and equally it was 400 children who took the benefit along with the parents, to listen at the talks of Deepti Sutaria the first Woman Cyber crime expert of India. Mrs Neeru Kapai the Honorable Director Modern School felicitated the speakers with souvenirs and did a grand welcome .Students were given some questions as a feedback form to be filled in .The entire session children listened carefully and had an interactive session with the speakers. The real cases were dealt by Mr. Vishal Mane regarding Facebook and Twitter and social media. Whereas on other end Deepti Sutaria assured to show the clippings from ‘13 reasons why’ and tell the children why kids need to be safe in cyber-space. She chose 20 students to the Ted Ed Club from Modern School.

Ted Ed is a platform where children of different schools will be interacting globally with their best ideas and one of the finalists will be chosen and sent to New York City to speak on a Ted Talk global Event. Ted Ed club Halt cyber Violence is ensuring that the children should be safe at their ends in cyber-space.